Monday, January 23


I rarely do lifestyle-related posts but I've just made some recent discoveries that I absolutely-must-need to share with everyone.

Most of my apartment is hardwood flooring and tile. I've always wanted the Roomba but since I've bought the Dyson, I never had a use for it. Well just recently iRobot came out with the Scooba... a Floor Washing Robot. ($399 at Sharper Image)

So now instead of my usual vaccuum, dust, mop & dry ritual I can clean all my floors with the push of a button. Literally. And sad to say, but it does a much better job than me.

Which of course leaves me free to do other things. So now I've converted my "housework" into "me" time. While the dishwasher & Scooba goes I plop down on the sofa, light some candles, play Jack Johnson on my iPod and read my newest book while sipping on some Chamomile tea. The perfect way to wind down after a day while cleaning up the day's messes!

Mighty Leaf Tea Chamomile Citrus
Recently at Il Fornaio I had the perfectly brewed cup of Chamomile Tea. Instantly addicted I went online looking for it... Mighty Leaf. The perfect brew for the end of the day. Relaxing and of course since it's Chamomile, no caffeine.
$8.75 for 15 packets on

Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell
Bushnell's 4th novel (Sex & the City) and her best since SATC. Smart, funny and a good read. I'm trying to pace myself through the book although the story just breezes through sometimes I'm tempted to finish it in one setting.
$16.47 on

In Between Dreams Jack Johnson
I know I'm a little bit late, but I just recently gave in and bought Jack Johnson's CD on iTunes. I've been listening to it all weekend (in the plane, in the car, in bed before sleeping) and I'm addicted. Laidback and mellow but light enough for background music while reading.
$11.99 on

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