Thursday, January 26

Your Recommendations

I decided it's time to invest in a set of make-up brushes. I've pretty much been cheaping out and sticking to promotional brush sets, the likes of Stila and Shu Uemura. And although great quality, they are too small and too "temporary".

So this is where you come in. It'll be much appreciated if you would help me out by filling out the short survey below of your favorite brushes. You can copy and paste it into a comment below this post or e-mail it to me at if you'd like to privately submit your votes. Either way I will I review all of the submissions and report back with your favorites as well as the ones I ended up choosing.

So here we go... [I've filled in below with my current set as an example]

1) Powder/Face Brush: MAC Travel Blush Brush 129
2) Bronzer Brush: MAC Travel Blush Brush 129
3) Blush Brush: MAC Travel Blush Brush 129
4) Defined Eyeshadow Brush: Shu Uemura Portable Natural Brush 10
5) Blending Eyeshadow Brush: MAC Travel Tapered Blending Brush 224
6) Slanted/Eyeliner Brush: MAC Small Angle Brush 266
7) Lip Brush: Finger
8) Eyebrow Brush: MAC Small Angle Brush 266
9) Make-Up Brush Cleanser: Soap and Water

So yes, I basically reuse the same 4 brushes over and over again. :)