Thursday, August 12

Barney's Warehouse Sale

As mentioned before, it's time for Barney's twice-yearly clearance sale. This time around, though, I noticed there was better merchandise including racks upon racks of Marc Jacobs and Diane vonFurstenberg and even the "Designer" row had great threads from Proenza Schouler, Missoni and Balenciaga. At 50-80% off! When I arrived at 10:30am it was already FULL. A ton of people were walking out with bags of merchandise.

Here are some things I noticed today:
- Flirty Diane vonFurstenberg dresses in leftover ugly print, the occasional "wow" piece here and there.
- Marc Jacobs jackets from cotton canvas military style in aqua, black, and violet to heavy coats with shearling collar trim.
- Marc Jacobs sweater sets, from $49 cami's and $79-149 cardigans.
- Missoni dresses in a mixture of pinks and browns with a clear sequin overlay.
- Prada brocade tops, bottoms, and dresses.
- Seven Jeans in cream, or corduroy cropped pants in black, brown, and olive.
- Lots of colorful COOP tee's.
- Men's Rogan shirts, including the ever-famous "Save the drama for your mama" in red and white.
- Vintage Disney long sleeved t-shirts previously at $98 could be found for $19. Even though the disney thing is over, these things are super-soft and great for lounging around the house!
- Juicy Couture pleated skirts.
- D&G pink croc heels in almost every size. So cute!
- Proenza Schouler dresses, mostly left in large sizes.
- Balenciaga high-rise stretchy black pencil skirts, great for transitioning into fall, and only $59! (What!?)

Go, go, go!!!