Thursday, August 12

More Wants!

I squeezed in some shopping yesterday after school. Barney's is getting a make-over so they moved things around. I hate construction. It just throws you off!

But anyways I saw some Cecilia De Bucourt shawls on the 3rd floor. They had a couple of silk ones, a bunch of wool ones (including the fiesta-yuck!) and one last cotton one in a turquoise color. I really wanted to get one but it's hard to think about shopping for shawls or jackets when it's 102 degrees outside. I still think the shawl is very cute but I'm starting to think it's a bit played out. Maybe I should stay out of the game on this one. Oh, but it's so super-soft!

They also had a few sale items left. Oh wait- which reminds me... TODAY marks the start of the Barney's warehouse sale!!!

Ok, gotta go ~.~