Monday, August 9

Fall into the Gap

Went semi-shopping at GAP today. Dunno what it is, shopping at GAP just doesn't have the same punch as other places such as Barney's or Bloomie's. I think it's because no matter how cute an item is that you purchase, once it enters your closet it will always be just a "basic". Today I stopped by the GAP in Santa Monica to pick up a large bag for my Hawaii trip- something to take with me to the airport and shopping. Well, here are some "basics" that I picked up today.

Dainty, but slim-fitting. Meaning, fitting to make you look slim. ^.^

A bit marc jacobs-y, looks clean on its own, cuter when layered.

Addicted to my black "Pally" gauchos, so I bought an olive green pair in a more tailored cut. I have been eyeing some Theory ones for a while now but these are a bit easier on the wallet.

Matches my vernis marshmallow "French Purse" =) Big and roomy enough for the beach, cute enough for the streets.