Tuesday, August 3

South Coast Plaza Reunion

After 3 or more long years, I have finally been reunited with South Coast Plaza again ^.^ For this fancy occasion, SCP has prepared for me a few surprises:

Ron Herman - Although always yummy tops and other casuals, walking in here felt a little too summery for me. Time to gear up for fall. Pass on the colorful tees, bring on the cute scarves and jackets!

Kiehl's - I love how Kiehl's is popping up everywhere! With a store in Santa Monica, South Coast, Kiehls.com and of course the slew of department stores that carry kiehls, you really don't have a reason not to own any ^.^ Among my favorites: cucumber herbal toner, creme de corps body lotion, baby lip balm and the creme d'elegance repairateur facial moisturizer.

Bath and Body Works beauty - Since when did BBW carry products from henri bendel, molton brown, murad, and nars? The foyer entrance to this BBW was stocked with goodies from some of my favorite beauty companies.

Lawry's Carvery - I didn't get a chance to eat here... but I wonder if they have their famous spinning bowl salad and creamed corn to go?

Louis Vuitton - Again I don't remember if there was an LV store the last time I've been there... but if there was it must have been remodeled or something because this was definitely the first time I'd been in this store. I showed my lil sis the multicolore mini sac that I wanted to get her but she didn't like :(

Jimmy Choo - There, in the front display, was a small silver framed sign that said: "SALE". I dared myself to go in. But after my recent shoe splurge... I just couldn't.