Thursday, September 2

Bloomie's Labor Day Sale

I got a Bloomie's coupon for extra 15% off sale merchandise in the mail and since their sale started today I decided to stop by.... I picked up a few things:

Theory pink super-soft oversized short sleeve hoodie (looks cute with skinny jeans!)

Mint applique tank top

Juicy layered flared skirt in Happy Face (I know this is such a summer item but they're so comfy for around the house!)

Marc Jacobs jeweled spa sandals in blue (I actually wanted to buy this for my trip to Hawaii, just my luck that it doesn't go on sale until now! Oh well, they were only $40 I had to take 'em)

Marc Jacobs canvas shopping bag with colored zebra

A lot of the things that I bought were discounted, then extra 40% off, then extra 15% off coupon... so it was pretty nuts

... there was also a really cute Marc Jacobs red clutch (the one with red hearts on it) that was on sale for about $80... I was going to get it but it looked a bit too retro and didn't think that I'd get a lot of wear out of it... but it was kinda cute. I dunno.. thinking of going back to get it. What do you think? Is the 80's glittery thing totally out?

In case you're thinking of stopping by, this is what they have a lot of:
Juicy mini skirts and tube tops
Marc Jacobs capri pants and mini skirts
Sanctuary pants
Miss Sixty variety tops & colored capris
Diesel Jeans
Theory basics in bright colors
James Perse short sleeved tees
Hard Tail in that pink and green camo print
Marc Jacobs canvas bags

And on my way out... I saw the scariest thing on earth... rows upon rows of these ugly UGG Ponchos... & are both claiming that their "first order" is sold out... oh come on! I seriously dread the day I see these on the streets........