Wednesday, September 1

Finding "The One"

As always, after a shopping binge I get sick of clothing and I temporarily move to beauty products. I've been looking for new colors to add to my fall make-up as well as some good-smelling bath products.

While I was at Wal-Greens waiting for a prescription today, I decided to take a tour down the make-up aisle. I've never tried drugstore make-up but I've always been curious about Maybelline mascara since they seem to get praise from everyone. After careful deliberating, I settled with the Maybelline Sky High Curves Mascara Waterproof.

I think I've seen this one in one of those commercials... and I've always wanted to try it. The girl starts out with short stubby eyelashes and one whisk of the wand and her eyelashes grow longer, thicker and curls at the end. Well, I've always figured this was bullshit, but decided to give it a test run anyway.

And yup, just as I thought, they make eyelash curlers for a reason! I do have to admit though, at $6.99 -$1.50 coupon it was a good buy. This was actually better than most of the more "boutique" mascaras I've tried. It went on smoothly, doesn't clump, and does give you a good length. However the overall look at the end was not as natural as I hoped it to be. The ends are just as thick as the base so lashes look a bit fake, and it doesn't curl smoothly. Maybe I'm just putting it on wrong? Anyways, here are some other previous mascaras I've tried:

MAC Pro Lash, $9.50.
Smooth, gets clumpy if you take too long to apply it. Takes a long time to dry (very smudge-able) It thickens almost too much, which can straighten out just-curled lashes. Lasts almost all day.

Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara, $18.
Comes on smooth, good volume (not too much), takes a while to dry. What I like most about this one is the wand, which makes it easy to separate your lashes and makes it less clumpy. Smudge factor is high at the end of the day though.

Shu Uemura Mascara Basic, $27.
So far my favorite, doesn't come on too strong, dries fast, and doesn't clump. Lasts pretty long and doesn't smudge. Looks very natural. The only con is that it is pricey.

Bourjois Coup de Theater False Lash Illusion Duo, $16.
This is similar to a Japanese lash extender I've used before, but this one is a bit messier. The white fibers that are supposed to lengthen your lashes break off and don't really stick, especially when it comes time to put on the colored layer. I used it a couple of times thinking practice makes perfect but then gave up.

Shiseido The Make Up Curl Mascara, $19.50
Second favorite of the bunch, goes on nice and smooth and doesn't clump. However, it will make your curl droop and doesn't last very long. Smudges within several hours.