Wednesday, September 29

Enough of summer...

Now that I've a renewed faith (addiction) in clothes...

Now that the nights are starting to bring a breeze...

I've begun to think about what outfits I am going to pull together for this Fall/Winter. It has been hard to get into a fall-state-of-mind because (1) we've just barely finished summer in LA (2) I've spent the last couple of weeks shopping summer sales and (3) I spend my nights browsing the Spring 2005 looks online.

But enough of summer, it's time to really think about Fall. Before I layer on outfits, before I shop for scarves and other for-warmth accessories, I usually browse through looks to get inspiration for the Fall. Here are the pieces I'm collecting for Fall:

This look from the Marc Jacobs runway sums up a lot of what I've been thinking for Fall. First must-have: a good pair of trousers. I'm going for the longer, wider leg these days, looking for whatever makes me look taller. I need a dark pair (not black), a light pair, and a denim pair.

Also I'm liking the color teal for accents, and I love little blazers that pop out either by color or texture. (No tweeds for me, though) I'm looking more towards magenta or violet velvets, chocolate or burnt reds for cords, or smooth teals and mustards.

Things I love about Marc by Marc... rounded collars... girlie purply velvets... I chose this look as a point of inspiration not because of the pieces, but more for the colors. I'd love to get some feminine tops in soft, touchable fabrics in different shades of pink and violet to layer over a vintage grayish structured denim.

For the more serious "at work" looks... I am going to pair my "manly" gauchos, cropped pants, and tailored dress pants with lighter sherbert colors. Fall to me used to be so drab and dark with mixes of browns and oranges, so I want to stay away from that this season.

And I've promised myself... no more leaving the house in sweats. No more jeans and C&C T-shirts. At the very least, I will dress up tee+jeans with many accessories, not just one. And who knows, I may even try a capelet.

Hair this season: I'm going to pump out the full volume spray and try for looks that are full, messy, yet pulled together.