Thursday, September 9


It's nearing my best friend's wedding (hah!) so in the car today I made a mental list of things I need to do before next weekend.

1) Make an appointment with my hair expert, eran.
2) Get my eyebrows done by either jasmine or carolina at anastasia. (Can't stand that walk-in line for anastasia)
3) Get a french mani.
4) Buy eyelashes. (Gosh- the last time I wore fakies was for my prom)
5) Get nude-colored high heeled shoes!!

So to celebrate this make-over mood I was in, I stopped by Sephora

I was looking for a good palette of make-up, an all-in-one with great colors that I could actually use. I settled on the Lorac Greatest Hits CD in the warm tones:

I was actually hesitant at first because the casing is so large (and doesn't fit in half of my purses) but I really like every single shade in this thing. It comes with 5 eyeshadows (1 highliter, 3 general, and 1 liner) a lip/cheek tint, a blush, and a lip gloss. I can go from casual day to medium to evening. The SA showed me how to do a smokey eye with the garnet & black shadows... I'm feeling very Michelle Branch right now. All of the warm tones work good for basic looks and it is actually a really good palette for Fall.

I also picked up the new Chanel Fluid Iridescent Eye Shadow. I chose the Bay which is a warm, glittery gold tone with just the right amount of shimmer. I love how you can either wear it thick or blend it in, and it lasts all day. (Well, so says the SA) It has a nice, smooth powdery finish. I think this will look great with my "jewel tone" outfits (plums, turqs, darker gold tops)