Saturday, September 11

Saturday Outing in Beverly Hills.

Shopping! Caroused LA's (only?) sample sale: Billion Dollar Babes. This time around there were a lot more quirky LA-based designers but there was great stuff! Well, I'm disappointed that in order for BDB to grow and have larger sales, they have decided to start selling seconds and overruns in addition to samples, so 60% of the merchandise were irregulars, damaged or items that were over-produced and not-too-cute. But still I managed to find some things, here and there ~.~ I got some super-soft 1/2 sleeve tees from Tululah and a silk chiffon dressy top from Black Halo. My friends were first-times and left with a lot more goodies than me... they were pretty excited about the sale :D

Afterwards we made a stop in Beverly Hills to get our brows done by who else but Anastasia. Going there on a Saturday is NUTS! The wait for Anastasia, who hadn't even arrived yet, was 3 hours! We decided to settle for Jasmine who had a more manageable 30 minute wait. Well, while I was waiting for my friend to get her brows done, guess who walked in! Oprah!

I've always known that Oprah was a long-time fan of Anastasia but I'd heard that she flies Anastasia to Chicago on her private jet every other week to get her brows done, so I didn't expect her to walk in! Anyways, as soon as Oprah (and her mini entourage) walked in all the girls in the place were speechless. Jasmine's station is right next to Anastasia's little nook so she stood right next to me as she waited while watching Jasmine's handiwork on my friend. I got a chance to say hi to Oprah and chat a little about the frozen yogurt place next door. There was a limo and a bunch of bodyguards outside on the sidewalk, and a crew of papparazzi on the street trying to get a shot of Oprah in the store. Well, she was much taller than I expected and that woman really has a presence! She looks awesome for her age and is very friendly. Actually, she walked into the store acting like she owned the place, but with her money I don't blame her. I bet she tips Anastasia a thousand bucks each time she gets her brows done.