Sunday, September 26

Waiting for "Fall"

What can I say... it's been a slow fashion month. The weather still screams summer yet all the shops display furry tweeds and other cold-weather items. How can you buy a cute winter coat or shawl when it's 90 degrees outside?

I went shopping on Saturday, visited South Coast Plaza + Nordstrom Rack and I just didn't feel like shopping. (I know- I checked my temperature as soon as I got home) I checked out the vintage sweaters at RH... it was just too hot to put one on!

Finally in the evening I went to Old Town Pasadena for dinner. We waited around for an hour outside for a table at Il Fornaio. I was only wearing a tank and short denim skirt... it finally got a bit chilly! Chilly enough for me to pop into AX and buy this:

Actually it looks much different on me, more of a short tux jacket feel in a smooth suede-y cotton. The shape reminds me of the SJP GAP velvet blazer but I thought this one was made of a much better fabric.

It may have gotten me in the mood to start dressing for Fall.