Sunday, January 9

Alternative to collagen shots...

There are so many new lip-plumping collagen-boosting products out there! This week I decided to give a couple a try, just for fun. I didn't -need- any plumping but I let my curiosity take over.

My first test drive was the Too Faced Lip Injection clear gloss. The first time I tried this on I really felt a strong stinging sensation and my lips turned bright red. But as promised, my lips were about 20% fuller. I would recommend you try this product a couple of times before you go out with it! It is supposed to keep your lips plump for 4 full hours but after playing with it for a week I think it's closer to one hour. You are supposed to be able to put lip gloss over this once it dries but it just becomes a huge mess so I wouldn't recommend it. Now that I've started using it more often, I don't get as big as an effect but I do like using it as a gloss because I really like the natural pink color it gives my lips.

The DuWop Lip Venom stung twice as much but only delivered half the results.

Same Venom formula with added sparkle. Too high school.

The most expensive of the group, City Lips offers a more long-term solution. It is a night treatment you are supposed to use for 30 nights straight to boost the collagen in your lips. During the day you can wear one of their glosses for maximum effect. This set works much better, is more expensive, and a bit arduous since you have to continuously wear it for best results.

Products I've yet to try:

Benefit Lip Plump - This is more of a lip primer so I'm guessing you can wear your own gloss on top of it.

Joey New York makes their collagen boosting glosses in a variety of colors, so you don't have to stick to the boring clear ones.

If any of you have tried either the Benefit or the Joey lip plumper, please let me know what you thought of it!