Tuesday, January 11

Las Vegas Shopping!

Las Vegas shopping (not including those outlets at the border!) has improved since I've been there last. The Fashion Show Mall underwent a $1.9 Billion renovation. Caesar Palace's Forum Shops also boasted a new extension, and more importantly, several new shops.

Since I stayed at the Bellagio, that's where I started first.

Yves Saint Laurent was still having their end-of-year sale. The boutique itself is small so there wasn't much to see. However they did have a lot of shoes on markdown including the coveted red suede pumps with black ribbons.

Prada's sale was a bit better with half of their women's shoe collection at 60-70% off. I scored myself a pair of brown round-toe pumps with the curved heel at 60% off. There was a good selection of boots also, ranging from $230-$300 (Which retailed at $650+). Again, I'm lucky that I'm a size 9.5 because all the shoes on sale happen to be in my size ~.~ Accessories were also a bargain at 50% off. Satin and nylon make-up bags, small purses, black leather wallets, bracelets and other accessories were all on sale. Their new line of sunglasses also just came in so I couldn't resist bringing one home. (Of course I forgot for a couple of days that the weather in LA is dreary and I won't be able to wear the shades for days until this rain lets up :T)

Neiman Marcus.. If you're looking to score some Seven Jeans on sale then this is the place to go. I was shocked to see how many Sevens and Humanity jeans were on sale... 3 full racks. You NEVER see that in LA. They had everything from the distressed, destroyed, painted pockets, hefner and other seasonal styles. Unfortunately for me I couldn't find a pair I was satisfied with except for the new studded-waistband style. But at $264 I had to leave them behind. I did, however, score a Juicy Couture brown corduroy blazer with the puff sleeves. It was a good jacket to wear for my plane ride back to LA.

Caesar's Palace Forum Shops
I was surprised to see the boutiques that popped up in the new wing of the forum shops.

Scoop NYC had a very Ron Herman feel to it but the interior was so vastly white and empty that it was hard to get in the shopping mood. (Especially with 4 girls behind the counter staring at you) It felt like the store was stocked with a lot of old merchandise. Denim on the wall included basic versions of the Seven as well as the Paper Denim & Cloth ripper jean. There were RH Vintage Free City sweatshirts everywhere. Behind the cashier, the wall was lined with Marc Jacobs multi-pocket bags... in Fall colors. Nothing appealing.

Nanette Lepore was another new addition. Unfortunately it looked like the line didn't have enough styles to stock an entire store so this store looked vastly empty also. Everything I loved about Nanette Lepore last season they seemed to axe for this season, instead there were a lot of batik inspired prints, ethnic looking tunics, and greens and golds. Not interested.

Chrome Hearts had impressive decor... I've never been to the one in LA so this was a first. I knew Chrome Hearts accessories were expensive but I didn't know that they were THAT expensive. One of these days I'm gonna buy me an awesome ring from there. And sunglasses.

Juicy Couture was a bit frightening. In the olden days, the tiny section in Bloomingdale's was a rush to go through. Slowly it started taking up more and more square footage forcing people to exclaim, "Could there BE any more Juicy?!" Well imagine that feeling times 100. The store is wayyy too overwhelming with the Juicy crest wallpaper and graphic logos on the mirrors. It was just way too much. Not too mention everything at retail price in the Juicy store was currently on sale at Neiman Marcus!

Corsa Collections had an impressive collection of "trendy" bags. They had new Marc Jacobs styles in as well as a good amount of Chloe bags... but they also had that wall full of Nicky Hilton's Samantha Thavasa bags. (Hence the "quotes" around "trendy") This store was definitely a good upgrade from those Brighton accessory boutiques though. Oh, and also the MJ classic bags in certain colors were 40% off! Good deal. Took all of my willpower not to come home with one of those cosmetic pouches with the paddle lock.

Gucci had a good selection of sale merchandise also (although the Gucci in Bellagio had nothing on sale). Some of the basic canvas logo bags were on sale. I was looking for the round logo hobo with the leather strap that makes the entire bag look circular... anyone know what I'm talking about? So far no find. :(

So far that's all the shopping I can remember for now. Now it's time to get back to work!