Thursday, March 3

Another rainy day favorite...

Last week I went to Kitson and I picked up an A. Kurtz hat. I usually have a tough time finding hats because even though I have a medium sized head, I have a pretty small forehead. That means almost any hat makes my head look twice bigger. And of course that especially means no trucker hats for me (thank God).

One thing I liked about the Kurtz hats was that they come in sizes. I went a size up to a large and it was the perfect size for me to cap over my ears and it did not make my head look too big. I think it also has something to do with the flat military shape.

Of course on my way home I picked up a copy of US magazine and what do you know inside is Lindsay Lohan wearing my hat. Oh well. Then later that night while browsing I saw that the hat is actually dubbed the "Paris Hilton" hat. Great.

But whatever. This hat has saved me from numerous raindrops and I'm still loving it. Especially to wear with my new Project E "Preppy" Polo shirts. (I bought a blue and a pink) Rainy weather is all about comfort clothes.