Thursday, March 3

These rainy days

What best to do on a rainy day? Stay dry, stay inside, and knit! I was recently inspired by kinsiekins' new scarf project. I loved the big chunky yarn so I had to find some for myself! Yes, I do realize that winter is almost over but once in a while I get into these yarn frenzies and I can't help but to start knitting again. I had about 3-5 unfinished scarf projects sitting in my close but I still couldn't resist. I forced myself to finish one of them for now before I bought new yarn though:

It is a homespun wool in a very light blush pink. I love the inconsistency of the color and thickness: some of it is a solid blush pink and the rest is a very dirty pale-pale pink. I finished the main scarf but I'm not done with it entirely. I wanted to either add another color to make it thicker or to embellish it with pale pink distressed ribbons a la Cecilia DeBucourt. Any suggestions?

Anyhow, turns out there is a cute little knit shop on Barrington Walk (near Sunset) that carries Rowan Biggy Print yarn. These are the colors I picked up:

I especially love the cream color on the bottom... it is actually a very pale yellow/cream mixed with a dull purply-grey. I've started on my first project today! I hear it's going to rain tomorrow... that means chilly weather... I hope I finish my scarf in time :)

rowan biggy print - varied (2 balls)
size 19 US needlescast on 12 stitches
1x1 rib knit = k1p1
100% merino wool
45" long

from: aiyah