Wednesday, March 2

Need your vote!

I'm sorry for the lack of updates lately... I've been doing a lot of shopping but right now my house is a mess and I haven't been able to take pictures in my "studio"... I wanted to wait until I have pictures to show of my recent purchases because that's always better than a boring list!

Except of course, by the time I get around to pictures the items will look all used up and not brand new at all :D

But for now... I really need your vote! I my iSkin for my iPod is a mess... it seems to like to attract all the dirt in my purse so it's time for a new case. I am getting a Vaja case and I can't decide on a color scheme. Please help me with your vote!

I'd like something catchy, cool but something timeless and not too "trendy"... which color combo do you like?

Latte & Rosa

Very "muted" and "safe"... This is a good combination but is it too boring? A little bit on the girly side... but they do make a good color duo.

Reed Yellow & Golden Ochre

A little bit brighter, definitely an attention getter. I love the peachy yellow but not too sure yet about the orange. It has a slightly "Hermes Orange" tint to it but... will I get bored of this too quick?

or do I go classic...
White & Grey

Go with the original iPod colors and get a boring case. Matchy... but I'm afraid this one will get dirty too easily.

Please cast your votes by posting a comment... For you lurkers (I know you're out there!) you can leave an anonymous vote if you'd like... I'd like to order one this weekend!

Thanks :)