Monday, March 7

The post about the magazine about shopping.

Any Lucky readers? I am not really a big fan of Lucky Magazine (it really is just a marketing conspiracy... exclusively geared towards shopping and not at all to fashion) but I had a subscription a couple of years ago that just never stopped coming.

Anyhow there IS something I am addicted to... those "YES!" and "MAYBE?" stickers. They've gotta be the second best thing next to shopping. Okay make that third, online shopping is second. So... what is your sticker method?

As for me, I have altered the meanings of yes & maybe just slightly. They never give enough maybe stickers so my "YES!" stickers now mean "Yes, I will make it a point to check out this item at a later time and buy it if I love it." and my "MAYBE?" stickers mean "Man this is so expensive but I will keep in mind to lust after it again later by marking it with a maybe."

So, with that said, here are my Yes!'s and Maybe?'s for this month:

I've always loved the look of delicate hoops but the position of my ears can make them point outwards instead of straight... so these should solve the problem! Not sure yet about shelling out $80 for a pair of earrings without trying them on first... so we'll see.

I love the look of this sweater wrap... now that it's almost spring it's time to put my BCBG cardi-wraps away and look for a lighter version. However, at $430 this one deserves a "Maybe?" sticker instead of a "Yes!" one.

Won't these look cute paired with light cotton tank tops? For casual white tank and jean days, these will pop out a little bit of color... kind of a new "layered but not really" look. After all, layering tank tops is so last year.

I like this look. I tried some similar shorts at A&F but vowed to shed a few pounds before I take this look to the street. Unfortunately, it only looks good on stick-thin people. (i.e. Nicky Hilton)

Tanning beds dry out my legs. Tanning creams look blotchy as skin cells die and shed. Tanning outdoors in LA? That's not until I get my body bikini ready. So for now, I shall experiment with this mist. :)

The more I see this satchel the more I love it. Of course all of you should know by now I love my bags with lots and lots of pockets. But the price is kind of steep for a Coach bag... I'll have to see first if I'm going to get my LV Manhattan since it is a little bit similar.

This is a maybe that I am probably never going to own, but I thought it deserved a mention.

I like sweet, girly, pinky-beige prairie skirts. I do NOT like printed ones that look like quilts gone bad.

This I will definitely have to check out. I thought these earrings were cute (maybe with a messy bedhair bun? you know, the one that takes me about 45 minutes to style :P) and at $18... can't beat that deal. Not to mention you get $10 off a $30 purchase for mentioning luckymag. Yay!

And if none of the above items make it into my closet, then I shall stock up on these. I like polos, I love Le Tigre colors, but up to now I've been passing them by. Polos are tough to actually purchase because they're just basics... there's always something more attractive in the store that grabs my attention so I've never had the chance to buy these polos. But here they are 25% off so maybe this time I'll buy some.