Thursday, March 31

Yoga Things

The best thing about a new hobby? Stocking up on all the accessories :) [muhaha]

Gaiam Retro-Stripe Mat in Fern
I am not sure about what effects stripes and patterns have on your yoga experience, but when I was shopping for my mat they told me to look for a mat that inspires you, makes you happy, and for me it was this green one. :)

Nuala yoga bag by Marc Jacobs
Since these were from way back when, I haven't yet got one. I haven't got one yet. I don't have one yet. Whatever. But I'm avidly searching eBay.

Stella McCartney dance shoes
Okay, okay. I don't actually wear the shoes IN the yoga studio (we have to leave them outside) but these make for a good pair to walk around Montana Ave in, they complete the 'yoga' look :)

Yogitoes Skidless Towel
In color combos that represent the healing energies of color, these towels are skidless and extremely asorbent (micro-fiber)... great for Bikram yoga! They come in a mat size for a layer of protection between you and your mat, and also a smaller size for personal use during your yoga session. Mine is Blue/Ether: Communication and Self Expression.

Glaceau Smart Water
The best way to recharge and quench your workout during and after a workout. Electrolyte-charged water that tastes waaaay better than Evian.