Wednesday, April 27

Hanky-Panky Under Things

First there were the Cosabella mesh thongs. People raved about how comfortable they are so I went and bought myself a set. Next day, I was disappointed. Who said these were comfortable??? They hurt! Not to mention they aren't entirely "invisible" under dresses and skirts... something about the mesh doesn't give me much coverage down there.

Then there were the Victoria Secret's low-rise cotton thongs. Okay no one actually told me these were comfortable- I just assumed so because I wear the low-rise cotton panties and well, decided to try them. Needless to say they stretch out so much that halfway through your day they aren't very "low-rise" anymore.

So I'm going to give it one more shot. If these don't work, then I will swear off thongs forever. Hanky-Panky's are said to be incredibly soft and stretchy. Supposedly, the cottons are comfier than the all-lace ones.

So once I actually find these in stock, I will try them out and see if they are as great as people make them out to be. Hopefully, I'll find myself pleasantly surprised.