Wednesday, April 27

Tokyo Lash Bar

I am in LOVE with Shu Uemura, not like I wasn't already before....

Today was the Tokyo Lash Bar event at the Shu Uemura counter at Barney's New York. They flew in celebrity make-up artists from the Tokyo Lash Bar in New York and gave free makeovers. I made an appointment for 3... I wanted a new "daytime" look with lots of color, my little sister wanted a look for prom, and my 3rd friend just had eyelash extensions put in (more on this later) and wanted simple ways to dress her eyes without overdoing it.

Let's start with me :)

I love Shu's new pallette for Spring/Summer... but of course I'm weary of using bright colors. First they primed my face with the basic cleansing oil-toner-moisturizer combo. Then they used the Water Perfect Water-In Cake Foundation.

Rather than using the foundation straight on (which can be too heavy for daytime looks), they sprayed some depsea water right on the foundation (regular water can be used here) and smudged it around with the sponge first, for a lighter application. Ingenious! The foundation went on smoothly and flawlessly, without a cakey finish. Then she set the foundation with some loose powder.

For my eyes she put on:
Pressed eyeshadow in Beige. As a base, brushed softly all over entire lid.

Pressed eyeshadow in Yellow. Lightly over the lower half of the eyelid and blended in the insides of the eyes for a highlighting effect.

Pressed eyeshadow in Turquoise. Blended softly near the lashes, for a pop of color.

Then to complete the look, she used bronze mascara on my upper and lower lashes. My natural lashes are black, so the lighter bronze actually highlighted the whole area, making my eyes look bigger and brighter. I was kind of shocked with the color use at first but then I realized I shouldn't be too afraid to use a little color :)

On my sister she used the same foundation but for a little more coverage she applied it with a foundation brush. Then she used a metallic bronzy-silver eyeshadow and smudged on her top lid for a smoky look. She used an iridescent white to highlight the brow bone, a really nice contrast to the smoky eye. Then she applied some fake lashes- the ones with the little crystals- to complete the look.

On my friend he applied some blue eyeshadow to her eyelids close to the lashline. Then he softly lined her eyes with a darker, iridescent blue for some definition. The look was simple and not too bright but it really brightened up her eyes, which accented her eyelash extensions nicely.

Now on to the eyelash extensions... how cool are these? I can't believe I haven't heard about them until now. Eyelash extensions are permanent silk extensions that are individually glued to each of your eyelashes. The application takes about 2 hours and lasts 2 full months before you need any touchups. Your eyelashes grow in cycles (just like any hair on the body) so a fraction of them naturally fall out every couple months. The initialy application can range anywhere from $150 - $300 depending where you go and touchups are usually about $50. The lashes look completely natural- they just look longer and curlier. You never have to put on mascara (in fact you shouldn't, they will compromise the longevity of the extensions) and you never have to curl your eyelashes. Imagine waking up everyday with naturally long flirty lashes... sign me up! I am going to get these done sometime next week, so I'll be back with updates and pictures!