Wednesday, April 20

Murakami Fan

I met Takashi Murakami!

We are moving offices at my work. I was over at the office when someone who was interested in the warehouse lease came by to check it out. There were 4 people, a Japanese guy (!!!), two girls, and a translator. I barely looked up at the computer, just enough to say hi, and let my boyfriend give them the tour of the place.

Then the next day our realtor calls us to ask us how it went... turns out it was Takashi Murakami!


If I had only known. He was much chubbier than I saw him last in the media... so I didn't recognize him at all. Plus the week before my boyfriend mentioned that some porn company was coming by to take a look at the place so I actually assumed that he ... was ... a "director"... especially because of the two girls following him around... o~.~o