Thursday, May 5

Jackets for Spring

I love the feel of Frankie B's new vintage denim (wait- is that an oxymoron?) Anyhow, especially in washes like 'worn vintage' and 'california' ... however, the super-soft fabric tends to be unforgiving for my thighs. They are definitely cut for shapeless women.

But now they make light denim jackets to match all of their jeans... the same broken-in denim in a flattering cut, fitted around the shoulders and the waist for a feminine look. They even boast the same pocket details as their jeans counter-parts. I've always had trouble looking for the perfect denim jacket- they tend to be super-stiff when you first buy them and takes about 20 washings to get them broken-in just right. The Frankie B jackets are so soft you can wear them immediately... and I love the vertical hatching, doesn't look too good on the thighs but it does wonders to slim the upper arm.

My favorites are the heart breaker (in a dark wash with the double hearts embroidered on the front) and the angeleno shirt jacket. They are great paired with this Summer's feminine a-line skirts, bermuda shorts, and baggy short-shorts a la Marc Jacobs.