Monday, May 9

A poor effort

Since I posted the little blurb about the Planet Lulu sample sale, I thought I should give a follow-up.

It was a complete waste of my 20 minutes. Sorry to those that went and actually enjoyed the bland selection, the horrid floor plan, and the poor planning.

First of all this sale was really a bad attempt of following the example of billion dollar babes. Clothes were organized by brand (one brand = one rack) but the racks were raised too high and scattered throughout the room in such a way that made it feel like maze. There was no way of keeping track of where the hell you were in the room.

Actually, the poor selection of clothes should have been my "first of all"... there were a couple of well-known brands (like Ella Moss, Rock & Republic) but they were priced too steeply for a sample sale. (Not too mention all the R&R's were damaged irregulars). All the other brands that they carried there were crap. Or if the brand wasn't crap, then it was the crap leftovers of that brand. Pretty sad.

And THEN, everything was sold at a flat price... for example for brand x it was $20 for a top, $30 for bottoms, and $40 for a dress... etc. Except every brand was different. And all the prices were just written down on a piece of paper at the top of the rack. The price of their laziness to pricetag each item? A super-long line and disorganized cashier that discouraged any new-comers from shopping, just to avoid that check-out line.

Also, since when was it a good idea to set up a raffle with a gift that only about 7% of the population can use? That Not Rational diaper bag was cute, but not cute enough for a $30 raffle ticket. How many of us were actually pregnant there? Hello? You weren't selling maternity clothes???

So I promise, this is the last you'll hear of Planet Lulu on my site.