Wednesday, June 8

Candlelight Browsing

I take my alone time very seriously. At the end of the day, I plop in front of my laptop to do my stuff. Return e-mails, browse websites, basically get my stuff done. But I normally spend all day at work in front of the computer too. So to relax and unwind at home, I add a couple of things to change the ambiance.

I light up a Tocca Candle in Cleopatra ($32) to fill the room with a light Grapefruit & Cucumber scent. I love clean scents and this one is especially light and airy. The candle also has a nice slow and even burn (total time of 60 hours).

Of course I have to have a snack nearby. These are perfect because they are guilt-free. :)

And lastly, you need something to listen to. Right now I'm hooked on Joss Stone's Mind, Body & Soul. My favorite tracks are "Spoiled" and "Right to be Wrong".