Wednesday, September 14

Fall Layering Rules

Autumn is on its way and we automatically think to layering. It's the best way to transition our summer pieces into the Fall. For example... the Gold Hawk lingerie-style cami's I bought on (BTW - on sale for $19, no tax + free shipping) will be layered under thick scoop-neck knits. But here are some layering tips for things outside of our usual wardrobes.

What to do with our ridiculously long strand necklaces from this summer?

Layer them short! Take your super-long pearls and other trinkets and loop them around your neck 3-4 times to get a multi-strand layered look. Don't variegate the lengths, loop them so they are the same length!

And now on to make-up.
I got some really good tips from my last Shu make-over!

Layer blush with a highlighter for a more natural flush. I use Shu Uemura's Water Blushers in peach (middle) and mauve (right). They go on sheer and leave a cooling sensation on the skin.

Use the peach high on the cheekbones to the corner of the eye. This will reflect more light from the cheekbones to brighten up the complexion. Just smooth it on and blend up and back with your fingers. Then use the darker/pink color right on the apple of your cheeks and blend down and around (but not up) with your fingers.

Layer your eyeshadow with a similar shade for a multi-dimensional finish. Now that summer is over I try to stay away from bronze or orange golds and I stick to natural peach golds.

I start with a neutral beige to cover up any redness on my eyelids. Then I smooth on the peach (left) all over my eyelid, layering it thicker towards the inner eye. Then I layer on the gold near my crease and towards the outer eye. This color adds a very subtle but noticeable radiance to the eyes.

Layer your summer glosses on darker lipstick/lip liner for a new Fall look. Don't get rid of your pale, peachy colors.

I use a medium-toned caramel sheer lipstick as a base then I use a lip brush to blend this gold (Jasmine) gloss on top. It softens the lipstick and adds just the right amount of shine. (Not to mention it smells really good ~.~)