Tuesday, September 13

Marc Jacobs, S/S 06

The opening marching band spectacle had me fearing yet another season of military-style marching band coats, but thankfully we were blessed with a sophistcated collection that breathed an airy elegance. Large, oversized collars and tie-belts dominated the runway with lofty and invigorating silhouettes.

This seemingly blank canvas holds all of Marc's S/S attributes, the oversized (but not overpowering) collar and lapel and the airy loftiness of the body. Does so much for such a simple shirtdress.

Two basics that embody this season's silhouette~ a high-rise skirt holding a tuft of air.

A trench with just the right amount of sheen and baggy bermudas seem to be next season's staples.

Also we get a peek into Marc's [fine?] jewelry line. I've been on the hunt for dainty minimalist necklaces (after this season's chunky woodsy necklaces I need something girly) and these are the perfect fit. I absolutely love, need, and want the one on the left.

The lift in these sandals and wedges are perfectly balanced with the thick cross-straps and small tongue.

And finally, Marc Jacobs' long-awaited launch into the world of time. As promised, his first pieces are dainty and lady-like with a strong vintage sense.