Wednesday, September 28

Shaving Intuition

Some of you may think that this article is a little bit "late" (after all, the Shick Intuition shaver has been out for months now) but if you've ever heard my shaving horror story (think 7th grade, generic razor, lotion and unstoppable bleeding for a half hour) then you'll understand my hesitance in trying new shaving products.

I've learned my lesson. NEVER shave without shaving cream. So even with the allure of this all-in-one razor I stuck by my Gillette Venus + Satin Care Shaving Cream combo. That and the fact that I bought a ridiculously large family pack of Venus refills at Costco. Oh and also because the Intuition is kinda pricy.

But last night I put the Schick Intuition to a test (endangering my limbs in the process) and tried it for the first time. Although nothing compares to the feeling of thick lathered up shaving cream, the Intuition really impressed me. There wasn't a time when I felt like I could get a nick or a cut (which actually comes quite often with the Venus) and I got a very smooth, very close shave. I love the convenience of the all-in-one, it made shaving quick, smooth and painless. Even on tough spots like the knees and underarms (where you would normally go over it at least a few times in different directions), the Intuition excelled. Not needing to reapply the shaving cream really cuts down the time and ups the convenience factor.

Soo... if you haven't tried it yet, you really should. ~.~

P.S. I just saw online that there is a new cucumber melon scented solid... my favorite scent! I'm going to have to check at home to see if mine is this new scent. =)