Saturday, September 24

Eyelash Extensions Pt III

Okay so I went for my 2nd Refill. I went for about 2 1/2 months without a refill and my eyelashes were BARE. Well, not any thinner or shorter than my original lashes before all the extensions but after being used to long lush lashes... my own lashes looked bald without the boost :(

This time I wanted a more dramatic look... She gave me 3 options.

1) She could use thicker lashes which will immediately make my lashes look much fuller, but this will compromise longevity of the lashes and I will need a refill in 2-3 weeks as opposed to 4-6 weeks. No can do.

2) She could coat the regular lashes to give it a permanent "mascara" look.... BUT... it can look a little "clumpy" Um, no thanks.

3) She could use longer lashes. LONGER lashes? All this time you had even longer lashes? So of course I agreed!

So she mixed in long, longer, and longest lashes. Towards the insides of my eyes were just the regular long lashes. Towards the middle she mixed in the long with longer, and the corners of my eyes were a mix of the longer and longest. Results? Wow!

Now everyone notices right off the bat that I have longer lashes.... but they still look natural. In the way that they don't look like clumpy mascara'd lashes. When you look up close you can tell that they're not completely my lashes.... they're just too long. But from a conversation distance (like 3 ft+... anyone closer than that to you is too close) they're much more subtle and look really good. They curl up much better than the ones I had last time and they really open up my eyes, making them much bigger.

I will post pictures soon. Unfortunately I forgot my camera cable at work :(

P.S. I've seen pictures of extensions done at the Jim Wayne Salon in Beverly Hills (reported in US Magazine as $295 a session) and they look HORRIBLE! Well, not in just the picture of Kimberly Stewart but I saw some pictures up close and it looks like they are very messy with the glue, giving it a very clumpy mascara look. I think Asian salons (Korean ones, in particular) still do the best job. My extensions fuse smoothly with my own eyelashes so they look like a single eyelash... you cannot see the glue at all.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about...
read Part I ... and Part II.

Here are some pictures that I took of a poster at my eyelash gal's salon. They're *not* of my eyes but my before and after are VERY similar. The same dramatic difference. My eyes just aren't as prettily shaped as hers. ~.~

Notice how much bigger her eyes look in the after? I think the weight of the lashes makes the double eyelid more prominent and therefore opens her eyes even bigger. It's been 2 weeks so far with these new "extra long lashes" and so far they're still long and curl up! :)

P.S. If you've had your lashes done and you are satisfied with the salon that you go to, please e-mail me the location, phone number and price of your extensions. I would like to put together a little directory for everyone so I'd appreciate the submissions. Thank you!!!