Saturday, September 24

Halt on Summer

Okay first of all I apologize for the halt on summer.... the weather just started getting cooler and I was thinking... I should concentrate in the "now" for now. Spring/Summer's great and all but it's time to focus on Fall!

First of all I had a lot of great jeans come in at the office... so I've added another 6 pairs to my wardrobe. I don't have THAT many jeans... I just counted the other night, this brings my total to 38 pairs. Leading the pack are my True Religions (5), Citizens of Humanity (4), 7 for all Mankind (5) and Rock & Republics (4). So recently I added a pair of 7 for all Mankind Havana's, Rock & Republic Scorpions in a dark wash [my old one in vapor was butchered by the tailor] and a pair of Capital Tailors denim trousers I'm planning on cutting into capri's. These 3 I bought on sale for $69, $59, and $10 respectively. Good deal!

The other 3 pairs I got were from a recent shipment for my office. I absolutely love them for Fall.

This is a pair of Antik's, new for fall with the copper stitching. I love the contrast of the whipstitching on the hem in a copper/yellow thread. Also this pair is in a much thinner and softer fabric than most Antik are. Kind of dressy but very "fall".

These are my favorite. They are a new special edition featuring embroidery in Japanese Style Art. It's a gold hawk in a pine tree... around the waistband and near the front 2 pockets are little pine leaves which look like soft white dandelions. Very cute. Very dressy and surprisingly very flattering when you put them on.

These are my first pair of Joe's Jeans. [Socialite in Light Credence] Well... actually my second but my first I bought over 2 years ago so those don't count. They didn't even have style names back then. Anyhow I have to admit these jeans are not that cute nor special... but once I tried them on I never took them off. Who knew Joe's Jeans were so comfortable? So these I've dubbed as my comfy 'everyday' jean.

[P.S. For those of you who live outside of Southern California, e-mail me at if you are interested in any of the items we had at the warehouse sale...]

Meanwhile... my other obsession besides denim? Handbags of course :)

Remember this? Finally, huh? After... how many months on the list? Although I was told I got the "first one Saks in San Francisco has ever seen".

And also for those days I want to give my shoulders a rest, I picked up this cutie Marni shopping bag on sale:

I'm still getting used to those oversized handles.

Now it's time to shop for some Fall tops. Hopefully I'll have time this weekend to hit the shops!