Thursday, September 22

TWS @ Sunset Stages 9/9 - 9/10

Pictures from our last event!

This was our first weekend event at the Sunset Stages on Sunset Blvd.

The crew at Sunset Stages kindly put up a couple of dressing rooms for us... and set up some racks for the jeans...

Well... turns out we needed triple the amount of racks for all the inventory we brought with us!

Rows and rows of denim... and corduroy. And twill too. And actually... errr.. some velvet :P

Our C&C California table... most girls' first stop...

My two favorite racks in the whole sale... our selection of Grail T-shirts, ribbed tanks, thermals, dresses, hoodies, you name it.

The Frankie B. corner covered by the Grail.

Open for business! Look at the ladies walking around with a stack of denim on their arms... talk about a work out.

In the works: an OC event, San Diego, then back to LA in time for Christmas!