Saturday, October 1

Pearly Whites

I've never been excited over toothpaste before. All my life I've been using whatever is available. More recently I made the move to Mentadent because of the upright packaging. Sometimes at the toothpaste aisle I'm curious to try the more expensive brands at the top shelves but I always cheap out for the more well-marketed brands.

Then one day I ran out of Mentadent and tried my friend's NuSkin toothpaste. She has been an avid advocate of Nu Skin products since she's purchased the line this summer. (She swears it has made her skin completely different and much improved!) NuSkin has been around for quite some time but I'd never heard of it before. Anyhow, I'm straying. Back to the toothpaste.


So anyhow I fell in love with this toothpaste. It's not overloaded with a fake "minty" flavor or cute colors that mix together when you brush your teeth creating some totally new cleansing action... it's just hard-core medical-grade fluoride to clean your teeth, get rid of plaque and whiten your teeth. It's only been a couple of days since my AP-24 toothpaste has arrived in the mail but already my teeth seem whiter and less plaque-y.

Hopefully when I have time I'm going to check out some other teeth-whitening products. If anyone has used GoSmile I'd love to hear about it!