Wednesday, February 1

Recycle & Reuse

Make your products work overtime! Here are some clever ways to recycle and resuse your products to assure your money well spent.

The next time you receive a Fragrance Gift Set (or a gift) don't throw away the box! These high-quality gift boxes are great for hiding girly things like tampons and panty liners in the bathroom. I've been using my Green Tea Bvlgari box to stow away tampons underneath my sink.

Forget about Anastasia and Benefit brow waxes, just use La Mer's Lip Balm to tame those unruly brows. Just dab a small amount and rub on your brows. Less shiny than a brow gel and more flexible than a brow wax. So small and portable they're also good on the lips ;)

Even though I've switched back to a foaming cleanser, I still use my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil as a make-up remover. Just soak a cotton ball (not a cotton pad) with some oil and wipe around the eye area then rinse. Works better than cleanser alone!

I still haven't gotten used to the idea of a "facial mist"... moisten the skin? It wets it! I can't ignore beads of water on my face! So now I use the Shu Facial Mist (fancy words for depsea water spray) to dillute foundation for a sheer application. Works great with Shu's compact foundations or any other heavy foundation you'd like to wear during the day.

Other than just irritated eyes, Visine is good for a quick pick-me-up: put a drop in your eyes before a photo to make sure your eyes look bright and awake- not tired. And who knew it also works great to set eyeshadow? A friend showed me how to keep eyeshadow looking its best all day: after picking up some eyeshadow with a brush, dip the brush lightly in some Visine drops before applying to the eyes.

The same friend found a clever way to deal with the dried up lotion often leftover in your lotion pump... rather than discarding, use it as a cuticle softener! The dehydrated chunk of lotion is very concentrated and the solid shape makes it easy to roll over your cuticles.

What are your favorite products that you use in more ways than one?