Thursday, February 2

'Tis the Season to be Pre-Ordering

It's time to put your name on the waiting list for Louis Vuitton's novelty Spring bags... unless you are one of the lucky few to have already gotten their hands on one.

On the top of everyone's list is the hobo embellished with the floral cut-outs in suede as featured in the Gisele ads. Comes in 2 sizes, 3 colors and with or without the cut-outs. The large hobo (pictured) is $3,500. Kind of steep for a suede hobo that's tough to work into Spring outfits! I'd be on the look out for the smaller hobo in brown with the cut-outs... just doesn't look right without 'em. (Looks a bit hole-y)

This one I'm a little more excited about... the Linda comes in 2 color schemes and comes either with alligator or calfskin trim. The alligator number will set you back over $5k so I'm sticking to the calf in the color pictured above ($2400). A little cutesy, more of an occasion bag but IMO a better buy than the hobo because of the detail & the limited production.

Monogram canvas gets yet another update: perforated with a color inlay. Comes with either pink, orange or green inlays in a multitude of styles. I'm on the list for a speedy ($1200) with the green inlay. Gives this line a youthfull flair. Though not limited production, these waitlist for these will be pretty long in the early months.