Thursday, February 9

Shoe Trouble

Occasion: Late lunch with a gal-pal at the distinguished City Club.
Dress code: Business casual, no jeans.

No jeans? No problem. I finally get a chance to wear those grey Theory cropped trousers I got on sale at Macy's in San Francisco. (I even got one of those Macy's Tourist 11% off coupons-- I'm talking $195 pants for about $50!) So I paired the pants with a simple black ribbed tank, my white McGinn fitted blazer, a white "H" Hermes enamel bracelet (which has become my single favorite Cruise 2006 accessory) and my Rayban gunmetal aviators. (What can I say... $450 for Chanel aviators? Better to go with the OG Raybans)

The outfit still needed some kick... black Chloe paddington flats or my black Prada pointy-toe pumps? My gal-pal's 5'7"... best to go with the heels.

Now have you ever gotten your heel stuck while driving?Good lord! I was stopped at a red light and somehow my foot creeped forward and I got the pointy toe stuck in between the brake and where it connects to the car... so I couldn't take my foot off the brake! Heart attack!

A few honks and a damaged leather toe later I got my foot unstuck and resumed my driving. So THAT's why they make car shoes.

But car shoes (or drivers) by definition are u-g-l-y. I think I will stick to the London Slipper. I now keep my beat-up spare pink ones folded up in its matching case in my glove compartment. I absolutely refuse to have a shoe-related car accident. That would be too embarrassing. :(