Friday, February 10

Wearing Today

I've brought back the "Wearing Today" !!! :)

White Luella for Target polo shirt.

Meli Melo cuffed denim bermuda shorts.

Tan Christian Louboutin espadrilles.

Steel & White watch & bangle bracelets.

For later: Khaki BCBG trenchcoat dress buttoned up & belted to go on top.

P.S. Went to Target yesterday to pick up some Luella. Impressive... a little expensive for "Target" but I'd say it's kind of GAP quality with a better fit. I picked up 2 polos, a puff sleeve tee, a white tulip skirt, a blue cuffed dress shirt, a coin wallet (to transport feminine products) and an ipod case. All for about $130... not bad! Things were kind of picked over, but I'm coming back for more. I'm waiting for the rugby shirt, sunglasses and the bermuda shorts!


Rumor mill: the next Go International designer will be... Proenza Schouler? I sure hope so!