Monday, August 30

mebath Shower Sherberts

You know how I'm really into scented things? I've just made another new discovery, from the makers of the mebath Ice Cream.

Up until now I've always used a separate shower gel & body scrub. Shower scrubs usually smell good but are ineffective in proper exfoliating. Good body scrubs, on the other hand, (sugar or salt) usually smell really bad. These new Shower Sherbert takes the best of both worlds and puts it in a cute Haagen Daz sized tub of sherbert. The formula contains cane sugar plus jojoba oil and vitamin E leave your skin soft and smooth. It also lathers up well, leaving a luscious scent on your skin.

My fave is still the Hawaiian Lei!

Me! Shower Sherbets - 16 oz. at eBubbles 16oz., $28