Monday, September 5

Okay, I know this thing gets more press than Paris Hilton. We've all read about how amazing and nourishing to the hair the T3 Tourmaline Dryer is... but how many of us actually shelled out $200 to try it? Exactly.

Especially since I don't do anything fancy with my dryer~ I mean, I've never mastered the whole dryer in one hand and brush in the other thing (so which hand picks up the hair to put it in the brush?!). I've only used a hair dryer to quickly blow out my hair just enough so I can go to sleep on a dry pillow. Anything fancier than that, I whip out my straightening iron. So I couldn't justify the $200.

Then I saw the T3 overnight dryer... I have a friend who uses the regular-sized "featherweight" version and she mentioned that it is still heavy enough to strain her arm. Well, this one is much smaller and lighter! (But still has 1200 watts of power) And this dryer is almost half the price of the other one, at $130. I decided right away that I needed one.

I found a great deal on eBay~ $79 + $5 shipping. [Once you've started bidding on eBay, you get this kind of rush and end up browsing for more =)] Can't beat that! And within a week I got my new dryer and tested it out. It definitely cut my drying time by about half! Also it's much quieter than my old Conair. I normally just blow the air while running my fingers through my hair, to get it dry. With my old dryer, the ends of my top layers would sometimes frizz outwards, making a small flip. Using the same method with this dryer, I got much smoother results.

So, the moral of the story is: this dryer makes my hair very happy.

Also I should give an update on the Phytomer hair & nails supplement I was taking. It's pretty darn hard to remember to take a vitamin every day. At my best I did it for about 4 days straight. My hair was softer and smoother immediately, but now I realize it was probably because of the change of shampoo. (To Kerastase Soleil) After about a month of off-and-on taking the vitamin, my hair seemed to grow a little faster, but not by much. And at about that time the effects of the shampoo seemed to be wearing off so I switched back to Kerastase's Bain Satin 1. My hair was super-soft again!

So, the moral of this story is: switch between shampoos and hair products to always get the best out of your hair. Too long with a certain type of shampoo and the results will plateau.